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cerative Colitis. So, I decided I would ride from London to India to raise awareness and money for Crohns and Colitis UK. After looking at a map I realised I could continue overland to Asia and island hop to Australia to visit my sis- ter, and then I started looking at the Alaska to Argentina route as well. After months trying to decide which continent to tackle I decided just to travel the whole world. Now to the bike - I wanted some- thing small, reliable and affordable, cheap to run, easy to maintain, light enough to lift up (as I’m super weak and skinny) and a bike with easily accessible parts everywhere in the world. After riding across Asia and South America and seeing Honda’s everywhere, it was the obvious choice. So, I went for the Honda CRF250L. I made a conscious choice not to do too much planning or research for this trip, as I love having the freedom to just do whatever and not be restricted by anything, and wanted to forge my own opinions about every place I vis- ited and not go with any preconcep- tions based on reviews from forums online etc. I had no route planned through Europe and just set off south, my route ended up being based on recommendations from locals. The furthest into Europe I’d ever been was to the south of France for family holidays, so I was really excited to explore, and when I finally made it to the Swiss and Austrian Alps I was in awe! Only a day’s ride from England was biker heaven! And at that mo- ment I knew I definitely wouldn’t be rushing through Europe. One of my favourite encounters from my trip so far was outside a Mc- Donald’s of all places; I’d parked out- side to use the free wifi to find a green area on Google maps to wild camp outside of Turin, Italy, and I noticed a guy taking photos of my bike, so I went over to chat. It turned out he was planning his own bike trip, and after chatting for almost an hour he TRAVERSE 66