Traverse 06 - Page 65

ly treated myself to a Minsk for $300 and just set off with no plans. Five months and seven countries later I ended up in Hanoi and had become obsessed with life on two wheels! I settled in Saigon for a little while, finding old Honda SS50’s to ship to Europe and sell, before heading to South America with plans of getting another bike and riding from Colom- bia to Argentina. I didn't quite make it the whole way after crashing my bike, shredding my leg and having to get buses the rest of the way - so I will never wear flip flops and shorts on a bike ever again!! (I know what you’re thinking, I was TRAVERSE 65 an idiot!) But this South American trip gave me the inspiration to plan a big ad- venture, so I returned to England, fi- nally got my bike license and started looking at different routes and bikes. Shortly after returning home a close friend of mine, India sadly passed away at only 22 years old from Ul-