Traverse 06 - Page 64

ing to do whatever it took to get my visas sorted. I’ve also now decided not to try and race around the world to get the Guinness Record, and just take my time and enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure! So after a quick stopover in Lon- don, I’m back on the road and about to head east, with a new Iranian and Pakistani visa in my passport! Yes! Now firstly, let me just say that I know absolutely nothing about mo- torbikes, and I only recently figured out how to change the oil of my bike. For me, travelling is what I love and the bike simply gives me that free- dom to just go off and explore. And now I can’t imagine seeing the world TRAVERSE 64 any other way. After being involved in a car acci- dent when I was 17 years old it made me realise just how short life can be and how lucky I was, so I decided to leave school, delay university and head to South-East Asia alone. Long story short, I ended up learning to ride a moped in Thailand, then final-