Traverse 06 - Page 61

TURKEY I n the hope of becoming the youngest person to circum- navigate the world solo and unsupported, I left England in August last year to ride my little Honda CRF250L motor- cycle around the world, at 21 years old! Sat in the comfort of my home in London less than a year ago I never imagined I’d end up here … 10 kms from the Iraqi border just outside of Silopi … I’ve just been turned away by the Turkish military and was told I could go no further, and to be honest I’m still not quite sure why … It was a very last minute decision to head down this way, and because my Turkish visa is about to expire I thought I could exit Turkey and cross into Iraq and then onto Iran and con- tinue my journey east. I was warned yesterday that the border might still be closed as its apparently been shut since September last year and was also told that you can no longer cross with your own vehicle, but I’ve suc- cessfully passed through every single one of the 14 military checkpoints through this region so far today so thought I’d try my luck … sadly I was turned away. TRAVERSE 61