Traverse 06 - Page 6

CONTRIBUTORS A world of travellers, a world of Traverse ; we wouldn't exist without the many inspiring people who get on their bikes and ride. They'll all tell you they did nothing special, just something that they loved - they got on their bikes ... In this months issue of Traverse - Mark Holmes is back, this time from Australia. He passed through a few months back and fell in love with the place espe- cially the 'emptiness' of the out- back. A Blind Man Can, of course he can and he does. Chris Ven- ter takes us for a scoot through some wonderful country in South Africa, all aboard his tiny scooter. One half of 2 Wheeled Adven- tures, Asta Dovydenaite, has been travelling the world, ex- ploring, discovering, sharing. Asta shares her stories of Afri- ca, tacking the 'regular' roads, Thrown Into The Unknown. Linas Mockevicius is the other half of 2 Wheeled Adventures. With Asta he's sharing his vision of Africa. His images beautifully show the 'regular' roads of Afri- ca. TRAVERSE 6