Traverse 06 - Page 57

local farmer Nick ‘Noodle’ Hulland. The giant portrait, 35 metres tall, seems to fit perfectly with the surrounds as Hulland looks out across the dry, faded plains, his portrait seems to be aging before your eyes. Perhaps this was the intention of artist Fintan Magee. Hulland almost seems like a reluctant hero as he fights to save the farming com- munity and the town. Fifty-one kilometres down the road is the next silo at Lascelles but while in the area visit Lake Tyrrell. It’s pink reflective qualities have made it a favourite with interna- tional visitors, and it too is doing it’s best to revitalise the TRAVERSE region. Artist, Rone, has captured the portraits of Geoff and Merrilyn perfectly as they look over their town of Lascelles. You know Geoff is a wise old man as he looks across the plains, his wife has a twinkle in her eye as she looks lov- ingly at the towns only main structure, the Minapre Hotel. Lascelles is making a comeback; a small unique corrugat- ed iron art display and camping area are welcoming. The town wants you stay, to get to know you. The silos at Rosebery are unique. A different style by artist Kaff-eine has allowed her to capture the raw, beauti- 57