Traverse 06 - Page 55

feel the new growth. It was this regeneration of Brim that started the ball roll- ing as many other towns in the region saw the potential of perhaps starting a trail. In 2016, with the help of street art agency, Juddy Roller, the Victorian and Australian Gov- ernments, the Yarriambiack Shire C [[[ܘZ[ܜ ۘ]Y[ܙH\\Y[H[\Z[Y[HZ[ ݙ\ [Y]\ۙ\]Z]\]][Hܝ܈\[]\[H][]\[Y^\XXۋ[H\BY\H[[HY[YHH]H[ܙBY[\\[YZY\[^\XX[YK\x&\[Hو[H[H][Y[[XZ[Z[ܘ][܈][Y[[ܙ[Xˈ^ܙHB[H۸&]H\\[Y \[[Hܝ ]]&\[\X•UTBM