Traverse 06 - Page 50

Coast. Lamberts Bay is a great over- night stop if you like lobster after the ribs and the Langebaan Lagoon on the west coast road is a site most certainly worth seeing, especially for the water sports enthusiast (Kite surfing or kite boarding in particular). Anyway, we’ll take the same route back, rest assured that it is a very different experience going down. If you would like to take a different route back, I would highly recom- mend to veer left just before enter- ing Bains Kloof. A short ride towards the town of Worcester and there is a small slightly hidden turn to the right marked ‘Slanghoek’. Take this road and you won’t be disappointed. Slanghoek means snake corner, but in this little valley you will just see vineyard after vineyard. The road is in perfect condition and really a great and pretty addition to your weekend away ride. Stop off at Slanghoek win- ery for a free tasting and to stock up with a couple of their award winning and dirt cheap bottles of wine in your panniers if you like. You can also visit the Goudini spa for a swim in their hot mineral springs if you want to soak the sore muscles and get some of the dust out of the crevasses before heading home. At the end of the Slanghoek valley, just before the town of Rawsonville, you head back onto the N1 freeway. Then you point your headlight straight towards Cape Town and you will be back in the shadow of Table Mountain within an hour. You can choose to ei- ther take a spin through the famous 3.9 km long Huguenot Tunnel. It ex- tends the N1 national road through the Du Toitskloof mountains that sep- arate Paarl from Worcester, providing a route that is safer, faster (between 15 and 26 minutes) and shorter (by 11 km) than the old Du Toitskloof Pass travelling over the mountain. Alter- natively (and I always chose this lat- ter option) you can hit the twists and turns again and head over the last Pass for some last brilliant views. Last thing, if you happen to ar- rive at the Cederberg Oasis and see a long line of dusty scooters parked out front, then I will most probably be there. Come and find the crazy blind scooter guy sitting in a corner on the patio, grab me a top up at the bar and come have a chat. My drink of choice is a rum and coke. I’ll probably need a TRAVERSE 50 few after riding pillion all the way. CV Chris, perhaps better known as the Blind Scooter Guy, has amazing tales of travel. His book tells the heart- breaking story of how he became the Blind Scooter Guy and the amazing life he's led since he fell into darkness. His life is full of colour and certainly worth following, checkout what Chris is upto at - - because a #BlindManCan.