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be greeted by a massive yellow smiley face sign. The Cederberg oasis is run by a su- per friendly and positive chap called Gerrit. He will welcome you like you would expect a long lost family mem- ber to be received. The lodge offers a wide range of ac- commodation choices. From camping with your own kit, to staying in one of their fully equipped tents or rooms. There is a fully stocked bar and an ex- cellent restaurant. My favourite thing on their menu is the spare ribs. They are the best I have ever eaten. Make sure to get your order in as soon as you arrive, they often sell out. Yes, that’s how good they are. There is also a full ala carte menu with steaks, chicken schnitzels and all sorts of things available. They also do a great fry up breakfast. Expect the outside terrace to be fes- tive through the evening. There is nor- mally a pile of fellow petrol heads on hand to share dirt and dust stories. I have often arrived to find motorcycles lined up like dominoes right across the parking area. I recommend a two night stay at the Oasis with your Saturday left open for outrides. Don’t miss visit- ing the Stadsaal caves and if you feel up to riding some more, as I am sure most will be, take a burn across to Wuppertal where there is one of the first Veldskoen factories. These are funky leather shoes that, although are sometimes considered old fash- ioned (i.e. think about your grandpa’s favourite walking shoes), many peo- ple love. Be brave and make an eclec- tic choice by buying yourself a bright red pair. These will be well recognised TRAVERSE 49 by South Africans anywhere on the planet. Gerrit is an expert on the local mountains and is a master map draw- er for the hiking and climbing enthu- siast. He will take great pleasure in sitting down and making sure to show you all the best sites to see in and around the area. I am not going to go into too ΅Υ ΅½Ι”‘•Ρ…₯°‘•Ι”°‰ΥΠ)έ₯±°Ι…Ρ‘•ΘΝΡ₯¬ΡΌ΅δΝΡ½Ι䁽˜•ΡΡ₯Ήœ)Ρ‘•Ι”…Ή‰…¬Έ'Še±°±•…Ω”Ρ‘”±½…°Ρ₯ΑΜ)ΡΌΡ‘”±½…°‘₯΅Ν•±˜Έ)ΝΝΥ΅₯ΉœΡ‘…Ёε½ΤΝΥΙΩ₯Ω”Ρ‘”έ••¬΄)•Ή…Ή‘½»ŠeЁ•ΉΥΐΑ…ΝΝ•½ΥЁ₯ΈΡ‘”)‘…΅΅½¬Ή•αЁѼΡ‘”Νέ₯΅΅₯ΉœΑ½½°)™½Θ„έ••¬°₯Ёέ₯±°Ν½½Έ‰”Ρ₯΅”™½Θε½Τ)ΡΌ‘•…‰…¬ΡΌΡ‘”₯Ρ丁e½Τ½Υ±½˜)½ΥΙΝ”Ρ…­”…Έ•αΡΙ„½ΥΑ±”½˜‘…εΜ)…Ή‘•…‘½έΈΡ‘”΅½ΥΉΡ…₯Έ™Ι½΄)Ρ‘”½ΑΑ½Ν₯Ρ”Ν₯‘”…ΉΩ₯Ν₯Ёё”Ρ½έΈ)½˜ ±…Ήέ₯±±₯…΄•ΉΙ½ΥΡ”ΡΌΡ‘”]•ΝΠ