Traverse 06 - Page 47

vate, there are also six fenced-off campsites, each with its own kitchen and bathroom. This is a fantastic fam- ily oasis in the mountains with much activity centred around swimming in the pristine natural rock pools. A short spin further and on your left is the infamous Calabash bush pub. This is a great stop off for a cold coke if you need a sugar rush after surviving the pass. Easy on the beers though, you still have a good way to go. After leaving the Calabash you will pass a double bridge as the road crosses the Breede River. For the next few kilometres you are going to have vineyards to both sides of you for as far as the eye can see. Tow- ering in front of you is the massive Mostertshoek Mountain. Reaching a height of just over 2000 metres this is the most impressive peak in the Hex River range due to its domination of the surrounding landscape. Ten min- utes more and you get to a T-junction. Here you turn right and enter the Mi- chell’s pass. This ten kilometer road that cuts a path through to the valley above is not nearly as hair raising as the earlier Bainskloof, but none the less, the views to both sides will le ]B[HX]\ˈ\ݙ\H[[Hۈ۝HX\\]YB[YHو\\ˈ[[\܈]Z]ZXHXܞKHۈ\\[YH\\ܛ[]\][HB]\XX\[X\˂X][^HYH[Bو\\HY\[[[H[KBYYX][H]وHۋ\]BZ[]\\\[[H[\YH[H[YHو[H[ BY8&\[[] \\\H]\[›و[\\]\XHB\Z[[][]Y\ˈ]\H\[H܈HX\ۘXH^YܙBY[HYY[H\Y\YܙHXY B[[H[[Z[ˈ]\HقHYY[Y\\][HHY\›وHY\[H[\[KB\\[YK^H\HH]H\™^XY[H]ؘXBUTBM œۘ\Y[\X\H\[H[\Y[Y\\˂H^Y\H\\HYœ\ˈ\[\\Y܈[[X[&[وH[[Z[&H\XK]\[Z[][H\H][[ۂ[H\YZ[ [H[]HBY[[\[]]܈BۙHXXZ\[[X][^H\ ۈ YZ[\H\HY]œ[]Y]YXܛH[ B^KH[\H]X]H[\\BYH[[Z[ˈ]X[HXZ\܂H][Y \[H[]HY][[Xݙ\B[^K\[H\[KH]HHY\HX]ؙ\XZˈHB][ۈ[[\܈][ۛY][[\]\HY\[[Z[وH^]\[H[\\ HY]\ˈX]ؙ\YX[œZ[ܸ&\[[Z[\\HYۈ]]\HXXۈ܈]Y][[YX\ۙHKHHوHY\]\š\Hܝ[\HZYYH