Traverse 06 - Page 43

O ne of the best rides in Cape Town is un- doubtedly the sce- nic road through the Cape Winelands and up into the Cedarberg mountains. It is one of my person- al favourites. Now let me assure you that this choice was not made lightly. There is a smorgasbord of excellent day and overnight rides in all corners of the Western Cape province of South Africa and to be honest, riders here are often spoilt for choice. I know that I am lucky to call Cape Town home. This particular spin is the per- fect distance to be enjoyed over a weekend. Many wannabe adventure riders do not have the luxury of es- caping their 9-5 lives for months on end, so the perfect weekend ride can offer thrill seekers the opportunity to quench their adventurous spirit. This route allows for many enjoyable miles in the saddle, riding on both dirt and tar. You will see mountains, wine farms, bird life and if you like, get to eat the best spare ribs you have ever tasted. With a little luck and some skillful riding, your spare tire will re- main untouched. Leaving the Cape Town (known by locals as the ‘Mother City’) is not easy. With its towering Table mountain shrinking in your rear view mirrors you will need to endure a short ride on the freeway, more often than not accompanied by heavy traffic. The N1 is the road that, if followed for long enough, will take you all the way to Johannesburg. Don’t fret though, you won’t have HX[\\™܈\HۙˈY\X][H\HZ[]\H]HY\ٙHY۝H]X[ܙH\[Y HYۈ\[\X[HBX[\Z[ۈ[Y[[Bۋ\[HX\HۈXZH\B\[HБ[H[YX[B\\H\Z[[ˈ]\•UTB \H][H]\[Y[X\\Y[HXZ[Y] X[HZ\˜\\\ۈ[][XHH[ BYHو[Y ][[H[\Z\[H\\وHYKXZB\H[HX[\X\܈[۸&][\[\[H\œ]\[][\[ݙ\] BZYHوHۈ[H]H\BۈH]HY\ۋ]\]\›ۛHH\Hو[Y]\ۙˈBY]\H[YH\H][HZ[[]\\Z[Hܝ\[Y H\H\ݙ\YܙH[Hۛ][[HX[[\˂\[Y\X][HKBوHۈ[HZ[[KBY\[ٛܛYY[HY]Bو\[\ˈ\\BY[[وH\\ۂY HZY\X[ۈ\\šX]HXوH[\\]BZXY \[]Y[\˜\Hܙ\و[Y\[\\Y][ˈ[\HYX]\[[ۈ\[H\\\K]\[H[]Y ]YX[™[H\ ]\H\]X[BX]\X][\\[\H^HHܘ\H[H\ˈY[H\HXK[H[YHH\\š[[K^H\]XBX[\X]]Y[\[X[B\]\Hٝ[ZYH[Y[ZKY[[ܘ[HB\]وXHܛ[ۈBY YY H\ˈ][B\YHH]][B\\H]\XK]\˂Z[&\و\\ۙHوH\ B\\x&\X\\YX\ˈ]\KBYۙY[ۜXYHH]\YX[[]Y\Z[[Y[ N M \ N[Y]H[B[Y\[X\[ݚYYX\H[\[^[ۙH[[Z[˜[\ۛۈ\H8&]]^HBܝ8&KۙYܙHY\X[Y[H\[\\وHY]