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Ride For Children Coast To Coast For Charity “Well, I am three times that age and have just begun to live,” explains Carl Sutter with a wry grin as he is compared to 25-year olds who struggle to do little let alone a 20,000 kilometre round trip across the United States and Canada. Carl’s ride, from his home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida to Fairbanks, in Alaska, has become a semi annual event, and despite the challenges a 75 year old faces on such a ride, Carl wouldn’t have it any other way. Carl says he is on a mission to complete the ride he couldn’t do in 2016, when he was forced to lay down his Yamaha XV1600 Roadstar, and despite be- ing hospitalised after briefly being trapped under the bike he was able to ride home. Planning immediately began for the return. Watching the movie ‘Into The Wild’ was enough to convinced Carl that these sorts of rides were what he needed. Fortunately, unlike Christopher Candless, who Into The Wild is about, Carl has realised that finding happiness often means sharing your adven- ture with someone. Carl will indeed share his adven- ture, with numerous followers, as well as readers of Traverse. While Carl, seeks just the well wishes of his follow- ers and fellow riders, he does ask for one thing while he’s out on the road. Carl is seeking donations so that he can give to local Kiwanis foundations through the Ride For Children. He says, “just one cent per mile would equal a donation of just US$120”. A small amount compared to what many children go without every single day. The Kiwanis Ride For Children begins the day this very issue of Traverse is published and finishes a month later on July 15. If you’d like to help or donate to the cause you can contact Carl at: or phone +1 386 314 9447 TRAVERSE 40