Traverse 06 - Page 29

that seems to have stood still. Hill End near the Turon Riv- er, an old mining town that has settled in the 1800’s, it’s a great place to group for a coffee and prepare for more dirt. We ride down Limekilns Road and make a turn onto a rather normal looking track called Mount Horrible Road. Wait! What? Mount Horrible Road. With little choice we all follow the leader, not knowing what we’re in for. Isn’t that what adventure is all about? Mount Horrible road is a brilliant ride, the scenery mag- nificent, the track a little challenging in places, with just about everything thrown in. The more experienced riders are enjoying the twists, turns, ups and downs, those new to adventure riding are seeing why so many of us love this type of riding. Even a tight turn that sees a bike drop over the edge isn’t enough to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. The rider is okay, as is the bike, we all continue. The ride just gets better, and at a pace that suits ev- eryone, yet before long we reach the end. Another 170 kilometres have been knocked off very quickly. We meet for lunch at the Royal Hotel in Capertee before all heading in separate directions, riding for home. A local of the area, Shawn Giles had provided a great TRAVERSE 29