Traverse 06 - Page 27

prelude to the day? We all hope so, it’s a great ride in great country. It’s a spectacular sight, so many bikes on such a tight track. A main road follows be- fore we take to a smaller bituminised lane. It’s great riding, a good mix of con- ditions, every rider has a grin like a Cheshire Cat. The bitumen continues until we reach the town of Oberon, where we’ll wait for the more ‘hardcore’ riders to come in. The rid- ing has opened everyone up, there’s no longer whis- pered conversations, ev- eryone looks on at the bike admiring each and all. It’s a friendly bunch and the comradery is coming through. It’s a good day for a ride. Back on the dirt, noth- ing serious, just country roads. The riding could be fast, it’s corrugated yet com- fortable, the many riders producing enough dust for a TRAVERSE challenge, in fact it’s like London fog. This is winter, why is there dust so thick? A great mix of for- est lined roads and farmland tracks lead us to the O’Connell Ho- tel, a great place for lunch and more ban- ter. Someone suggests that there’s too many young people riding BMW’s, there’s laugh- ter as someone replies, “you’re too old to ride a Suzuki”. It’s the nature of the day, of this ride. Amongst merriment we get back on the bikes and head back to the dirt. A great short road that leads back to the bitumen at the town of Rockley, perhaps an ominous name, for not too far back on the blacktop our Suzuki Australia donated bike b Y[YH]HX\[ H[\KHYH\Œ