Traverse 06 - Page 23

local motorcycle and travel enthusi- asts in most capitals on our way; Nai- robi, Kampala, Kigali and Lusaka and got to experience authentic everyday life in big cities, which apparently is more or less the same all around the world. It’s the rural life that differs from country to country, from continent to continent and the one in Africa is like nowhere else. The traditional round huts, covered with roofs made of straw; iconic red African soil shaded by the impressive static giants – bao- bab trees. Women effortlessly balanc- ing enormous loads on their heads, dressed in colorful traditional African textiles; kids, sometimes unbeliev- ably young, marching along the road, probably heading home from school or teenagers cheerfully kicking a ball made from trash and plastic bags tightly wrapped around with rope. All those and many other typical scenes in small towns and villages along the way made us feel humbled TRAVERSE 23