Traverse 06 - Page 22

to our campground by a mother ele- phant with her baby. Somewhere there, we didn’t notice another visitor, a much more danger- ous and infamous one. The African mosquito caught us unprepared and a week later Linas fell ill, after which in one of the clinics in the capital city Lu- saka, a blood test proved he had a se- vere case of malaria. Luckily the treat- ment went successfully and now, as I write this, the patient is almost ready to continue our motorcycle adventure heading south towards Botswana, Na- mibia and the Republic of South Afri- ca. Even after experiencing several dis- comforts while traveling so far in Af- rica, our memories from this part of the world will be the best: the magical nature, unforgettable close contacts with the unbelievable wildlife and ex- ceptionally friendly and hospitable lo- cals or even foreigners living in these countries. We were kindly invited to stay with TRAVERSE 22