Traverse 06 - Page 16

have ever been on. Now, over 500 days, 4 continents, 75 000 kilometres and countless memo- ries and experiences later, here we are: exploring Africa on our two loyal steeds: BMW F650GS twin and F800GS Adventure and we’re having the time of our lives. Yes, this part of the world is very different from what we are used to. Yes, the traffic can be overwhelming at times. Yes, it does take a bit of ex- perience to stay upright on a heavily loaded bike in some sections of what locals call “a regular road”. But as well as that, Africa is a place we will never forget. But let’s start from the begin- ning. Sub-Saharan Africa was what we found most alluring, so we decided to start our adventure in Kenya. To get there, we shipped the motorcycles from Bandar Abbas port in the south of Iran to one of the busiest sea-ports in Africa: the port of Mombasa. Try- ing to avoid arriving in Kenya during Christmas week (because of the po- tential delays due to the festive time), we loaded our motorcycles into a con- tainer as quickly as we could. From there we set off to visit Iran’s historic wine capital Shiraz on an overnight TRAVERSE 16 bus. Imagine how disappointed we were when a message from our ship- ping agent said that the ship will not leave on time and is likely to be delayed by two weeks, which would mean that it would reach Mombasa … right on Christmas Eve! Then we heard from another world traveller, that the port of Mombasa: “Is a zoo, especially that time of year ...“, making us even more nervous. Finally, just as expected – right on Christmas Eve, our Iranian cargo-ship called Alvand, reached the shores of Africa. By luck we met a local shipping agent in Mombasa who agreed to help