Traverse 06 - Page 15

T hrown I nto T he U nknown I n early summer of 2016 Linas and I, Asta, decided to put our so-called normal lives on hold, quit our jobs and set off on a journey that many dream about, but few actually make – a motorcycle trip around the world. Having travelled quite a lot in Europe, touching the top of Africa in Morocco and experiencing quite a bit of Asian hospitality in Turkey, Geor- gia and Azerbaijan, we were not new to motorcycle travels or camping and exploring the world on two wheels. But the idea of throwing ourselves into the unknown of unfamiliar con- tinents thousands of miles away from home with only an engine fixed on two wheels to rely on, was as exciting as it was daunting. We spent long hours carefully studying maps of the world. Then we sat down reading numerous thrilling reports from other riders, from ev- ery continent. Then we listed all the exciting places we‘ve dreamt of visit- ing and finally, the plan was born: we leave Lithuania mid-October of 20