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Honda has an- nounced the release of the anticipated 2018 Af- rica Twin variants; be- ginning with the Africa Twin Manual with ABS (CRF1000L), plus the Africa Twin 'Adventure Sports' Manual with ABS (CRF1000AL2), and the Africa Twin 'Adven- ture Sports' DCT with ABS (CRF1000DL2). Honda has built on the Africa Twin’s strengths and its suc- cess to offer the three variants with extensive updates for 2018. All three variants offer improved features like the addition of Throttle-By-Wire with three riding modes plus a User mode, expanded Honda Selectable Torque Control parameters and revised intake and exhaust for stronger mid-range response. Also new: front and rear spoked wheels constructed from stainless steel and a host of detail upgrades to both Manual Transmission (MT) and Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) options that enhance the riding and owning expe- rience. The 2018 generation of Africa Twin is a worthy successor to the original and very much the ‘Go Anywhere’ ma- chine it promises to be. The new ‘Adventure Sports’ variants further extend the platform into uncompromising long-range off-road terri- tory. Side-by-side with the CRF1000L standard model, the Africa Twin ‘Adventure Sports’ is obviously taller with a flatter seat profile and more upright riding position. The fairing and screen offer more wind protection and a large sump guard and side pipe fully protect the machine. The fuel tank is 5.4 litres larger than the CRF1000L Africa Twin itself, and offers longer travel suspension, heated grips, an AC charging socket and extra-large skid plate and extended fairing with protective cowl bar. The ‘Adventure Sports’ models are designed to offer long-distance riders an ultimately elevated adventure touring experience. All three variants are scheduled for arrival into Hon- da dealerships in the coming weeks. The CRF1000L Africa Twin will be available in Matte Ballistic Black Metallic, Pearl Glare White (Tricolor) and Grand Prix Red (Team HRC Rally colour) The new ‘Adventure Sports’ variants are available in one 30th anniversary Tricolor paint scheme to cele- brate the XRV650’s launch in 1988. U C TRAVERSE 119 T s