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BOOK REVIEWS Títle: Where Angels Fear To Tread Writer: Linda Bootherstone Year: 2009 I Títle: Zero Avenue To Peace Park Writer: Trevor Marc Hughes Year: 2016 Linda Bootherstone gets out there, she gets to places that most others don't, and that comes across in her writing. Where Angels Fear To Tread is perhaps the perfect way to explore that and upon reading it you'll think, 'why the hell can't I do that?' Written almost as a diary, Where Angels Fear To Tread, gives the read- er an insight into what it's like to explore and be on the road, and to share it with a new friend. Linda, picks up Georgia, a Cana- da in somewhat of a mid-life crisis and the pair head off, complete with a Celtic harp and tin whistle. The pair even play a few impromptu gigs before separating as Linda returns home due to the death of her mother. E Upon finishing Trevor Marc Hughes' first travel biography; Near- ly 40 On The 37, there came a com- pelling need to read his second out- ing; Zero Avenue To Peace Park. Written a few years after the orig- inal, it takes us along the 49th Par- allel, following the border between his home of Canada and the United States. Joined by fellow rider, Wes Taylor, from Colorado, the pair take us through beautiful countryside as well a myriad of deserted ghost towns. Like Trevor's first book this isn't about exotic locations, dangerous encounters or excessive border pa- trols, yet it remains an adventure, an exploration of different places, feel- ings and discoveries. What Trevor tells us is that there's TRAVERSE 113 This book is full of tension and personal drama as Linda is confront- ed by political upheavals and crimi- nal behaviour, something she talks about from a very personal point of view. All the time excerpts of letters written by Georgia seem to keep the reader feeling calm. Where Angels Fear To Tread is a perfect companion read for anyone on the road and contemplating 'what would I do in this situation?'. W S an uneasy calm along the border of the two North America countries. Not one of military chest beating but rather a wary eye watching every move - a level of mistrust, a presence of paranoia. Through his descriptive tones and self assessment Zero Avenue To Peace Park is the perfect book for anyone seeking confirmation that adventure riding can be ,and is, for anyone, and it can be right in your own backyard. Soak up the experience, learn about an often forgotten border and two very similar, yet very different cultures. Zero Avenue To Peace Park by Trevor Marc Hughes is well worth a read.