Traverse 06 - Page 111

M2O Industries also produce a number of shorter socks; ankle, low rise and 3/4 length so that they can be worn with shorter boots or even sports shoes. They have all styles covered for both male and female. There's also a great range of colours and styles. Why are the M2O Industries socks so good? M2O Industries was founded by cyclist, Trent Fitzgibbins, it seems strange that a product designed for cycling would work so well for motorcyclists, yet they do. Compression clothing helps the body flush unwanted waste products from the body during excerise, this helps prevent swelling, aching and cramps, often associated with long distance motorcycle riding. M2O Industries used evidence provided by scientific research to create the range of compression socks while looking at ways to improve the overall product. M2O are the first to admit that for them, "good" is not good enough. The socks wick moisture away from the skin while anti-bacterial treatment helps prevent odour. The olefin, nylon and lycra material is stain resistent while helping to remove heat and let cool air to reach the skin. Everyone knows how bad a riders boots can smell at the end of a few days riding, the M2O Industries help prevent that. M2O Industries compression socks are ergonomically designed and have anti-inflammatory bands to help support the lower leg. They provide maximum comfort while allowing a full range of motion. The anti-inflammatory bands reduce stress on the areas by providing support. The bands are great at supporting the achilles and relieving the pressure on the heel. The toes are seemless meaning there's reduce chaffing and provide maximum comfort. For any sports person the M2O Industries socks are great, for any long distance motorcyclists they are perfect. M2O Industries are giving away two pairs of socks to five readers of Traverse, see the WINNERS ... & Grinners page for details on how to win. Further details on M2O Industries socks can be found at: TRAVERSE 111