Traverse 06 - Page 110

Standing on the pegs, there's little doubt that a riders legs become tired, sore and potentially numb after a few hours. It's said that sitting on a motorcycle all day can have the same effect as being on a long distance flight, Deep Vein Thrombosis can be become a very serious issue. Athletes, and airlines, have known for some time that compression socks have a great benefit in reducing muscle soreness and possibly prevent the risk of DVT. We were given a few pairs of M2O Industries compression socks to try, it was with an eye of sceptisism that we gave them a go. There's no looking back. We put the socks to use on a recent 2,000 kilometre ride over four days. There's no denying they work. If anyone uses motocross style socks, you'll have some idea what we mean. Take that a setp further, and you have M2O Industries socks. Out of the packaging the socks feel tight and resistent to stretch, getting them on the first time was an effort, a great effort, they felt extremely tight once on yet after 30 minutes of wearing we soon forgot they were on. They came into their own once we were on the bike. Seated for hours often means lower legs become a little numb, tingly, uncomfortable, the M2O Industries compression socks are claimed to 'improve circulation, reduce fatigue and boost overall performance'. It goes without saying that they do. We found our legs were no longer numb and fatigued, and when the socks were left on for an hour or so after the days riding our legs and feet recovered well and were ready for the next days riding. The great thing about the M2O Industries socks is that the longer versions are perfect for full length boots and feel comfortable, as well as reduce friction from boots rubbing. These boots are marketed as full length recovery compression socks, suggesting you put them on after an activity, we'd suggest you wear them the entire time you have your riding boots on. TRAVERSE 110