Traverse 06 - Page 101

When it came time to descend, the snow had turned to slush in the heat and we all had a difficult time wading through what amounted to a metre of soft serve ice cream. Wally’s head turned purple as he kept on chatting to Kirsten and forgetting to breathe. We hit the car park in the late after- noon and a four year dream had be- come a reality. Not only had we achieved the first journey from the lowest point to the highest point of the Australian conti- nent under human power but, much more than that: we had proved that people with disabilities are capable of world firsts, not just ‘first disabled challenges’. We have challenged pop- ular notions surrounding disability: we are not victims (as many see us), nor are we heroes succeeding against overwhelming odds. We are just work- TRAVERSE 101 ing with what we’ve got, as every- body does. We have proved that any- one, with or without a disability, can achieve their dreams given the right life chances, and by working together. PP Our sincere thanks must go to the Trekking company World Expeditions without whose generous support this expedition could not have taken place.