Travelite - My Luggage - Catalogue 2017 Collection 2019/1 - Page 59

IMPORTANT ADVICE All dimensions and weights are approximate. Based on production related matters weights, especially those of hard shell cases, may differ by up to ±7%from supplied works data. Dimensions are width (including everything), height (including everything) and length (including everything). Volumes are calculated as width (including everything) x height (case height minus wheel height for 4-wheel trolley cases) x length (including everything). In our existing ORLANDO, and BASICS series, 10% is deducted from the volume with regard to non-linear designs. Please note that printed colours may differ from the original colours. Subject to changes, errors and interim sales. All items exclude contents. Our general terms and conditions of business apply to resellers. Totally safe The TSA LOCK® combination lock enables easier travel to the USA, Canada and the UK. CABIN LUGGAGE When purchasing cabin luggage you should check according to the following criteria! Dimensions The max. dimensions recommended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are 56 cm (length) by 45 cm (width) by 25 cm (depth). However, you should not rely on this recommendation, as most airlines have initiated their own size restrictions. Tuifly*, and Condor* for example are restricting to 55 cm (length) by 40 cm (width) by 20 cm (depth). So please, if in doubt, consult your airline’s helpline or website prior to your flight to check for your applicable limits. Weight An additional factor that hasn’t been standardized between airlines is the max. allowed weight of cabin luggage. Max. weight allowed ranges from five to twelve kg, depending on the airline. Here, we also recommend to check with Legend Icon Cabin luggage (up to 20 cm of depth)* and IATA cabin luggage respectively (up to 25 cm of depth)* TESTED QUALITY your airline’s helpline or website, before you travel, what the guidelines for your flight are. And remember: What you save in weight on the luggage itself you can pack on top! * (Validity February 2019) Before every trip, we recommend you to consult your forwarder for their applicable size and weight restrictions on cabin luggage. Throughout the development process all travelite trolleys and wheeled duffles have to pass a very stringent set of tests. Wheels 30-50 km on various surface types Stability  free drop (from 1.2 m) onto hard surface onto each corner Handles 3,000 to 5,000 lift cycles loaded Handle System 2,800 extension cycles loaded 60