Travelite - My Luggage - Catalogue 2017 Collection 2019/1 - Page 58

58 IMPORTANT ADVICE IMPORTANT ADVICE GUARANTEE The manufacturing process of travelite goods is subject to constant and tight quality control. Raw materials and hardware are also checked before being declared fit for use. However, in the unlikely event of a claim, please be aware of the following: Depending on the actual product, travelite goods are issued with a 24 or 36 months guarantee. This guarantee is valid subject to following standard regulations: Only defects due to inferior workmanship or raw-material quality are claimable. Defects due to improper use, improper levels of induced stress, accidents, acids/  chemical solvents, extreme temperatures, water, regular wear and tear, or due to improper handling/ transport through third parties (such as e.g. airport handling staff), etc. can not be claimed. CHECKED BAGGAGE Depending on the airline checked baggage will be forwarded either based on a total weight or piece principle. Additionally, many airlines have introduced a so-called “maximum size” for checked baggage. Weight Principle This means that up to a certain total weight a passenger can check in more than just one piece of baggage free of charge. Individual weights will then be added up and the total must not be above a maximum limit set by the airline. Once the limit is exceeded excess baggage fees may apply. Piece Principle This means that a clearly defined maximum number of items can be checked in free of charge. Usually, the maximum weight of these items is also restricted. For example, current On defective goods there exists a right to claim within the rules and regulations provided by the law. Every product hangtag carries an integrated guarantee card. The completed card, stamped by the retailer, together with the cashier’s receipt, act as proof of purchase and are to be kept by the consumer. Should there be no guarantee card hangtag attached to the product, also only the cashier’s receipt can act as proof of purchase. However, it must clearly show the product in question. The guarantee period begins at the moment a good is purchased. During the guarantee period, in case of a defect, your retailer remains your first contact. He will be able to solve your problems. Due to organizational reasons claims have to be handled via the retailer. Based on our long years of experience, we would like to give you the following advice: regulations of Lufthansa* allow Economy Class passengers to check in one item at max. 23 kg. Business Class passengers may check in two pieces at up to 32 kg each free of charge. Maximum Size On top of weight and quantity restrictions, many airlines do nowadays also set maximum size restrictions. Once a piece of luggage exceeds the restriction, oversize charges may apply. Lufthansa*, amongst many others, does apply the so- called “158 cm rule”. Once the sum of total height, width and depth of a piece of luggage exceeds 158 cm this luggage may be subject to oversize charges. For example, if a trolley measures 70 cm tall by 45 cm wide and 25 cm deep then its added size is 140 cm, which means the limit is not exceeded. Before buying new luggage or starting a journey we therefore After every trip carefully inspect your luggage the moment you receive it back from your forwarder (airline, shipping line, bus line, etc.). Should you find transport damage, you must claim this immediately orally and in writing at your forwarders information desk. Make sure to get written confirmation of your claim having been correctly registered. When filed immediately, transporters usually compensate fast and generously. To validate your claim of transport damage, if needed for e.g. insurance matters, your retailer should also help by issuing a report or repair cost estimate. To be extra safe, consider buying additional luggage insurance. always recommend to check the terms and conditions of the forwarder by contacting them directly or via the travel agency. This will minimize the danger of purchasing or using unsuitable luggage.