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Lake Erie since we’ve bridged the gap between two of the Great lakes by way of the niagara river, it’s only natural that our next stop would be lake erie. lake erie has a scenic tour that sur- rounds the entire lake, so if you’re just wanting to drive for the great views, head that way. oth- erwise, check out cleveland. situated right on the lakeshore, and known as a lakeside city, cleveland has so much to offer. Visit the cleve- land aquarium, to stay with the water theme, or head to the rock and roll hall of Fame for a musical escape. While you’re on the shoreline, stay on track by visiting lakeside, ohio, where you’ll be in the lakeside community of chautauqua. this historic community offers up tons of fun things to do to create the perfect summer ex- perience, so a Great lakes tour would not be complete without them. Purchase a summer chautauqua Pass to explore all of the events going on during their peak season. From lec- tures and worship services, to relaxing days on the shore with live music and automobile shows, a day spent in the lakeside community is a memorable one. enjoy wooden boat rides and sunset cruises on the lake, and be sure to catch a summer concert in the park or a gar- den tour. LAKE ERIE >> has a scenic tour that surrounds the entire lake