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“ vibe of the city is perhaps what is The eccentric, “keep-warm-but-stay-cool” “ most intriguing. MADISON, Wisconsin music and good food, followed by a hot coffee or a cold beer; your choice. The University of Wisconsin single-handedly dominates the cul- ture of Madison, and even the surrounding smaller cities. The ec- centric, “keep-warm-but-stay-cool” vibe of the city is perhaps what is most intriguing. However, the bars and annual events make this college town a top pick across the country. What kid doesn’t want to leave school and get out? A UW kid! if you are looking to wrap up your Madison endeavors by taking part in the fine-dining world, try a meal at L’Etoile, an award-win- ning seasonal restaurant run by chef Q5ȁ́ͥѕȸ)Q䁡́ɹЁɕѥ́ѡЁЁ䁱̴ٔ)ѽ́ͅѥϾݔЁͼɬѠٕ̈́)ѥ́AЁȁ䁍ѡ́ͥЁݸ)ѡ͕ٕ͔éхѥ԰مݥѠݥȴ)3eѽх䁑ͻeЁ͍ɕqɥ䳊tͼ)䁉ѵɔȁѡ͕ͽɅٕ)ٕɥи)չ䰁յȁѕɹЁѡQɅЁ5ɥ)Uݡɔѡ́ɔЁ́əհ́ѡ׊e)ɕՕѕчՑ́ԁ䁱ٔ(؁MյȀ܁QɅٕ5ݕ