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MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA As a major city that makes up half of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis is a met- ropolitan paradise, with almost as many theaters and artisan scenes as New York City! Ranked only second to New York City in the theater district, you never have to venture far to ex- perience a great show. Theatre in the Round is less than a mile from the University of Minnesota, and as its name suggests, the stage is set in the center of the theater, with seats sur- rounding it in all directions. With sev- eral shows always in production, you can take your pick and purchase tick- ets according to your preferences. For a small city tour and history les- son, take a walk along the Stone Arch Bridge and visit the Mill City Museum for a look into Minnesota’s older archi- tecture. Both structures are just over a mile from the campus, and the area is full of lunch and dinner choices after you’ve finished. Try Tony’s Diner, a local and undergrad favorite, where you can gorge on hamburgers, fries, chili, oversized breakfasts, and more. The best part? Each meal is meant to be purchased on a college student’s budget, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Their late night menu is also available, so if you’re hungry for a late night snack, you can surely count on Tony’s. . Travel Midwest | Summer 2017 | 55