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///////////////////////////////////// HOMESTEAD NATIONAL MONUMENT OF AMERICA The Homestead National Monument of America is another unit of the National Park System, and one that pays homage to the Homestead Act of 1862. This year was when the first of the Homestead Acts was passed, which opened up mil- lions of acres for U.S. citizens, plus the women and immigrants who had applied for citizenship. The Act itself allowed qualified applicants to obtain up to 160 acres of federal land in exchange for the upkeep and cultivation of that property. The overall promise was “Free Land.” Located in Gage County, Nebraska, the monument stands on protected land, and includes visitor sites such as the Her- itage Center, the Palmer-Epard Cabin, and the Freeman School. Look across the grass prairies and learn about the his- tory and the impact that the Homestead Acts had on American freedom and cultivation while you explore the actual land that was used to do so. The monument is open until 6pm daily during the summertime. Travel Midwest | Summer 2017 | 45