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Experience Summer In Michigan's Upper Peninsula Named a "Top 25 Best Adventure Destina- tion in the World," Marquette County is found in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The rugged Huron Mountain range and Lake Superior shoreline define the land- scape, making it the perfect place to linger and enjoy all types of outdoor activities. With summer approaching, it's time to get back outside and embrace your natural identity. Fat tire biking is always in style in Marquette County. Test a ‘fatty’ out on miles of sandy shorelines with easy access. Bring or rent a bike to ride along 47 miles of the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, a paved route that stretches from Marquette to Republic. Trail hiking or running lets you experience amaz- ing vistas from the peaks of Sugarloaf, Hog- back and Top-of-the-World mountains. Park and go from well-marked trailheads. Water- falls are at their best. Hike to our 12 most popular wilderness falls and feel the natural rush. Call 800-544-4321 to request your Marquette County Waterfall Map. On sunny days, find your beachfront retreat along 83 miles of pristine shoreline without the crowds. Try Wetmore Landing on the road to Big Bay with a view of Little Presque Isle. A variety of events fill the calendar with fun activities, great food and treasured memo- ries. Summer begins with the Iron Range Roll, a bike race between Ishpeming and Marquette on June 4, Great Lakes Rodeo June 18-19, Art Week June 19-25, the family- friendly Marquette Trails Festival June 24-26, along with the Downtown Farmer's Market each Saturday in Marquette. The season heats up in July with the Inter- national Food Fest July 2-4, Independence Day parades and celebrations July 4, Red Earth Classic Mountain Bike Race July 16, U.P. Shakespeare Festival July 17 through August 3, Hiawatha Music Festival July 22- 24, Blueberry Festival July 29, Ishpeming Italian Fest and the Marquette Harbor Light- house 150 th Birthday Celebration on July 30, and Art on the Rocks July 30-31. The fun continues in August with Shriner's parades in downtown Marquette August 5 and downtown Ishpeming August 6, Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic, racing from Ne- gaunee to the lakeshore of Marquette on August 13, Marquette Trail 50 Ultramarathon August 19-20, North Country Trail Hike Au- gust 21, and the music and excitement of Harborfest along with visiting Tall Ships in Marquette Harbor August 26-27. Adventures of the culinary kind are always easy to find in Marquette County. Choose fine dining as well as a variety of ethnic menus and locally sourced cuisine, including fresh whitefish. Restaurants located d ݸ)Aѽ́ѕ䁽ɽAѕͽ)ѽݸQɐMɕЁ5Օє)ɔ䁽ݹѱ䁽ȴ)ѕѡչé͍)YͥЁѡձȁх́͡)9չ%͡ ɔѼ䁅)ѡѥT@䁑ɥȁ٥ͥЄ)MЁͥѥȁɅٕ́Ѽ٥ͥЁͥѕ)ѕѼɕ͕٥ѡѽ䁽5ȴ)Օє չ丁%ѡ䰁ѥ)ѡI!ѽ ѕȸYͥЁѡ)хՔѡȁ5Օєѡ)եЁ)ɕȁɽѡÊé5Օє) չ́ͅ1ȁЁѡ5ȴ)Օє5ɥѥ5͕մ!ɉ)1ѡ͔%%͡ɔѡ̴)ѥ ́MЁ55͕մ)хѡMM݉ɐ!))QɅٕѥѼ5Օє չ)Mх䁅ݡݡɔѡՔ)1Mɥȁ́ѡ͡ɥ)9ѡɸ1̸]ɔ)ѥ́ፕȁхѥ̰)ݥѡѕ́䁽ȁݽ)ٕɕ̸]ɔхեͥ)͕ٕݥѠɅЁȁᕐɽѡ)ɕЁɕ̸)ɅȁɅѥ䁥5Օє) չ䰁5Aȁٕɔ)QɅٕ5Օѕ5