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If gardens aren’t your thing, but you enjoy wildlife, head to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park, where you’ll find exotic animal species in a serene atmos- phere. You can also host a variety of different parties and events at this “pre- mier event facility,” so if you’re looking for a unique place to choose as a venue for your next upcoming occa- sion, the Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a great choice. General admission to the park is only $20 and the park offers special behind-the-scenes experi- ences, such as swimming with pen- guins or a signature animal meet and greet! Topekais the capital city of Kansas and in the spotlight for good reason. There are plenty of annual events to attend, including the Sun- flower Music Festival, the Spirit of Kansas Blues Festival, and Fiesta Mexicana. The Sunflower music festival attracts world- renowned musicians to play orchestra con- certs and chamber music, as well as jazz. The Spirit of Kansas Blues Festival is a favorite among the locals, and hosts blues musicians from all over the United States, as well as tons of great food. There is no admission charge for the festival, which takes place on July 4 th at Lake Shawnee. The festival is put on by the Topeka Blues Society and this year will be its 5 th year. Fiesta Mex ́չɅ͕ȁѡ)́żѥѕа́ݕ)́ݼх́ݥѠձѥ̰Ր)ѡѥ́ձɅɅ)ѥ̸Ʌѥͥɕ)Ʌ̰5᥍́́)݅ɽչѡ=ȴ)ݡɔѡѥمݥձ)ݥȃٔ́)ձ丁 ɔѼ)Ёٕ́ѕܹ٥ͥд)ѽɕѡp)ѡ́Ѽܳtݡɔԁݥ+ɵѥѽɥѡ ɽݸ)ظ ɐՍѥ9ѥ!ѽɥ)Mє́ݕ́ѕ̰)̰͡Ё̸݅)QɅٕ5ݕЁMյȀ܁