Travel Midwest Magazine Travel Midwest Digital ReplicaSUM17 - Page 150

Arthur, IllInoIs ARTHUR…YOUR AUTHENTIC DESTINATION If you are looking for an authentic destination to enjoy year- round, we invite you to come visit us in Arthur, the heart of Illinois Amish Country. It is red, white, and blue sitting under a night sky, watching the huge fireworks extravaganza. It is a warm evening at the county fair with all the cotton candy, tractor pulling, car- nival riding, livestock showing, game playing and entertain- ment goodness to be had! It is the Cheese Festival on labor Day weekend. It’s a time for shopping, parades, “rat” racing, music, food and, of course, ChEEsE! It's a combination of end-of-summer and beginning-of-fall ex- travaganzas. As the calendar pages turn, it will be the songbirds singing, the trees stretching out with their green buds, and people resuming work in their yards and in the fields; spring! the area greenhouses open their doors with a rainbow of flowers, plants and seeds to sow for that summer garden. the fields and barnyards are filled with lambs, calves, foals, and kids (both the goat and human variety) testing out their “new” legs, running about in the fresh spring breeze. Illinois then comes autumn, which around here we refer to as pumpkin! We are famous for our cucurbits, from the or- ange orbs, to gourds and squash for cooking, eating, and decorating. As winter sets in, we have quiet! of course, that is between the Christmas Kickoff and the Central Illinois outdoor Expo. Year-round – we invite you to come and enjoy the heart of Illinois Amish Country – for harvest season, for a winter of rest, for the rebirth of spring, and the glory of summer – all of this awaits you, right here in the Arthur area; the Best of Illinois! A visit to Arthur is an authentic experience of history, culture, festivals, and fun, which make for great family memories!