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INTRODUCING SuperClamp EX TM Whether you’re hauling eBikes, beefy downhill rigs, your prized TT bike, or an assortment of bicycles, the SuperClamp’s dual shepard’s hooks promise all bikes a truly secure ride without touching the bike’s frame. And thanks to the SuperClamp’s tilting feature, no more unloading bikes to let the dog out of the back. Top it all off with integrated locks, a built-in bottle opener and head-turning refl ectors, the SuperClamp 2-bike is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. LIGHTWEIGHT, YET MIGHTY! WEIGHS ONLY 35 LB, AND IS RUGGED ENOUGH TO CARRY 2 BIKES, UP TO 60 LB EACH. FASTEST LOADING BIKE RACK AROUND THANKS TO THE DUAL WHEEL-CLAMPING HOOKS (BONUS: NO FRAME CONTACT). FIND YOURS AT SARIS.COM/SUPERCLAMPEX © Saris Cycling Group 2017 OPEN SESAME! TILTING FEATURE ALLOWS HATCH ACCESS, EVEN WHEN FULLY LOADED, AND FOLDS UP WHEN NOT IN USE.