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Do you enjoy a good scare? Take the Alton Hauntings Walking Tour, a 3-hour long tour that travels throughout the area of Alton, and takes visitors directly to the sites of reported hauntings and even goes inside some of these locations. These ghost tours start at $25 and go up to $40, depending on whether or not you’re interested in taking the Extended Ghost Hunter Tour. Tickets are sold in ad- vance at , so purchase tickets in advance if you can, as they are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Bus tours are also available upon request and \\][ۋH\\B]\ ][[[[KX[[B\\Y܈H^[[YوܙY\KY]\ܚX[H[\\[[ˈ[\Y[]Y[ H[K\BX܈H[B[ٚY[\ۛۈ\[&\YKBۋ[\H\X\ܞHY]H]HY]ˈ[ٚY[\[B\\]H[[[[[\ˈ\]BXZ[H[\Y[X[]\][B܈H[^Hو\ܚX[\YX[[BܛX][ۈۈ[&\X\HYK\KB[K[\ۘ[X\\Y[˂[H[[\]H[YHKB[ۘ[\ܚX]KX\H\ܞBYH][]Y[8$H N ŒN H8$[HۛHYHH]\ۙY [\[\]X[ۈ[[BY[\ۈH[[\]H ]BޞH]H[HޞH\˜H[\\]\[ۛۈ܈]ܛ Y[[\ۈHXˈB]\\HXX[X\H]\XYB\]\H^K[HXH\[ܙB[Z\]\\[ ܈ۙHق[KHޞH&\Y[H[š[XZ٘\[H\Y]Hق[Z[H\]X[]\H\H™YYHHܛ HޞB&\\\HH[HB[ۙ^HY]\^K[Yۈ[^\ˈH\HX\[\\HۈޞH[H\][”[ٚY[B][ZY\[[Y\ M L