Travel Midwest Magazine Travel Midwest Digital ReplicaSUM17 - Page 138

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN OUTDOOR ADVENTURES, CULTURE, AND RELAXATION ARE IN STORE. Centrally located and packed with options for adven- turers and vacationers alike, Wausau/Central Wiscon- sin is the perfect destination for outdoor recreation, shopping, arts, and relaxation. Marathon County, the largest county in Wisconsin, is packed with 78 parks, 70 lakes, 70 classified trout streams, 162 campsites, 100 miles of biking and walking trails, 6 public golf courses, 880 miles of snowmobile trails, Granite Peak Ski Area with over 70 runs, and [ܙK]8&\ۙ\\ۜ[Z[XY^[HY]\]K\ۋB[H\XH^\Y[HH]ܜˈY\[x&]HY[\[و\Z\[Y[\K[H\YX]H[H]X[ ]ۈ][\BH[YH[[[۝ۂ]\]x&\]\\X ][YX[[Z[܈YH][ۘ[[]Z[[܈ B[8&\Y\ܙYZX[܈YH]ZX[˜[H[ݚYKY\[[\H\H[ܙH[\[K^HH\]ZYX]^Hۈ\]\][B[[\܈H\X[\ZHHYH[]\[\ܚX\X ܈X\YBX]܈H\ܛX[H]H\ܚXܘ[KB]\܈H\Hو\YYKX]]\]x&\X[B[܈[[[[[\Z[Y[ [[H[Y[[[[Z[KY[[[]XH[\K[X[\]]B]\X\H\Y][܈]\[ۙKUSQQY\]H[Y\“X^H H8$\  M[[\ۜ[Z[]\H]Y L M•]\]HX\]ۂ]Y  M’[\][ۘ[\ۜ[[[\][\ MH8$ M M‘ܘ[^و\ۜ[][ۘ[YY]XB[[\[ۜ\\ M8$ M M•\ۜ[܈H[\و\XH][]X[ۜ[[Y[]Y\X\H\]H]\]K[[\ۜ[۝[B[ۈ \]ܜ\X]Hۛ[H]˝\]]\]KB܈[\\]܈[\] MKLMKN