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Fort Wayne, IndIana a heart-warming family getaway awaits in Fort Wayne, Indiana! Fort Wayne offers the big city attrac- tions and activities that you’re looking for, in a friendly, affordable city that will warm your heart. From catch-them-before-they’re- gone experiences to tried and true favorites, Fort Wayne has a great family getaway in store for you this summer! any trip to Fort Wayne starts at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo. named one of the top ten zoos in the nation, the Children’s Zoo of- fers over 1,500 animals on 42 acres–and countless activities to fill the day. there are rides in every part of the zoo – you can “tickle your tress in the treetops” on the Sky Safari, travel through australia on a river log ride, feed a giraffe, pet a stingray, and more! next, take in some baseball with Fort Wayne’s very own minor league team, the Fort Wayne tin- Caps! the tinCaps play in an awesome downtown stadium, where BIG FUn is priority #1. the park-like setting offers a kids area complete with rock wall, splash pad and more. and, tick- ets start at just $5! Headwaters Park is downtown Fort Wayne’s festival park, and it Y\[]H]]\X[[]\HYZ[ [[[Y\ۙˈ[H]]\BX[\ X[Y\]BX\ Z]H]ܙYZٙ\[[ܙK[X[