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the best of {INDIANA} head to Evansville for their 5 different cultural districts, all with something to offer every visitor. the Downtown, haynie’s Corner Arts, North Main street, University, and West franklin street districts are overflowing with events and things to do, from checking out the college scene, to enjoying local art and history. the Downtown district has plenty of hotels, complete with sky- walks, as well as locally-owned restaurants and bars, and classic Victorian architecture to view. haynie’s Corner is “where the artists play,” and they mean this quite literally, as the outdoors have become more like extended common areas for locals to gather and share their work. enjoy the sound of jazz music on weekend af- ternoons, and stop in a local pub for a beer while you view art from the streets. North Main street is the hip area, where the “cool kids” hang out, so if you’re trendy, head here. there are always new bars and restaurants popping up, as well as a few local long-time favorites. stop in at turoni’s Pizza & brewery for a slice and beer, and watch for bikes! With green living becoming more popular, you'll notice bikeways and pedestrian lanes everywhere. the University district is actually quite the oppo- site from what one would normally expect in a college setting. there is tons of greenery, with the nearby Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, and the architecture on campus is spectacular. the Wesselman Woods is one of the “largest urban old-growth forests in the country.” here, you can take a long nature walk in an un- touched woodland area without being dis- turbed, and then head to one of the other districts for a bite to eat. If you’re looking for something to do as far as events go, West franklin is the place to be. this is where Mardi Gras, Independence Day celebration, Nut Club fall festival, and Dickens Christmas are all held. If you're into hot street food and live music, this district is for you.