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Dyersville, IA In the spring of 1989, one of the more historically iconic baseball films was released: Field of Dreams . Today, the Field of Dreams Movie Site can be visited, where you will be able to walk the field and take a tour of the farm where all of Kinsella’s dreams came true. On the farm, you’ll no- tice the house is still in place, along with the barn and the noticeable corn field, but the main attraction is the dia- mond in the center of it all. Unforgettable Nature Vaca- tions Schedule a Home Tour, where you will be able experience the site with a guide on a 30-minute historical and story- filled tour, complete with the Lansing family heritage, which was the family that originally owned the farm. The sea- sonal hours are 9am-6pm until October, and then closing time moves to 4pm. During the months of July and August, however, there will be extended hours for summer, so go during this time if you can. Admission is free! You’ll only need money for concessions and souvenirs. While at the movie site, be sure to attend a Ghost Sunday Show, a comedy routine that lasts for just about 90 minutes, of course on Sundays (hence the name), at 1pm. If you will be around in September, you won’t want to miss the Team of Dreams baseball game on the 3rd and 4th. The MLB’s most celebrated players will come together to play a celebrity game of baseball in the famous field, and you can be a spectator. There will also be an autograph ses- sion where you can obtain signatures from some of your favorite players. General admission for the Team of Dreams event is $20. have t o n @pvR6VGF62vbg&'&vখfVFV@FƗ2FRFƗ2F"7VVGv2w&VBvFG&ЦGV6RW'6VbFFR֖GvW7N( 2VVBf"7VVBRW vW&RF27VW"W7BFRf"FR'&6&BCVǒ#7&BvVW&F֗76BC3RvvWBRFVFR&V2FfWrFR7FW"VW&w44"7W6W&W2vVW&F֗76vBvWBRw&G7FB2Ц6W72FVv6&R7W&RF6f"FBvVW&66pW"F6WG2'WBvRB@P@0P` PUU$T4PFFR&FG04PBF&6sG'FR'&6&B7&76rvb6W'6RvW&RfW"W2&R6WBW6FRFR7VVGv^( vWBFRG&VƖR'W6g&FR&6V6'2B6VFRЦW6ǒvWBF&VFR6W'6RVW2fWw2BЦWG22FR6W'6Rv2FW6vVB'fW2&6FV7@WFRGRR666VGVRFVRFRWFCRF2Gf6RBRvVVBF6VBFR7W&P^( &RBG'rFf6B&6WBFFR&6WBFFW0&R7V&V7BF6vR'WBvV&6W2&R7FfR7V60FR'&6&BCFR#2&BFR6W'6RvB&RVpPFRGW&"B@Bv&@BFPP0P( 6PF@VPW&62W 2B&VWBBR""P607'G2FVVBf6F2&RWfW"&BFfBFR&RЦv&W"&W6W'fFƖRf"W"vVVPfW'6bFRVFFR7'G2VFW67N( 2֖GvW7B7VЦW"f6FখW'6W0R&W7B0FRvFW'0`@`𦐦PF6Ю( &W7BЦ66FV s3#s0`G&fV֖GvW7B7VW"#r0