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Lake Huron Lake Huron is known for shipwrecks and mystery, and is the 2nd largest of the Great Lakes. More than 1,000 shipwrecks have been recorded in the lake, which reaches over 20,000 square miles of surface area. 30 lighthouses stand on Lake Hurons shore- lines, so a scenic drive and a day on the water are both great ways to enjoy the scenery. If you have a heart for the outdoors, ride your bike along the shores of Lake Huron and the established trails to re- ally get a feel for the surrounding nature. Visit the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, where you can take a shipwreck tour with spectacular views g&v72&GF&BFRV6w&V6FW"vFRRrFP6V"vFW"vRRV&&WBFR7F'B6rЦf66RbV6w&V66VFsFR&6G6Чw&V6FW"&&vR6w&V6'fW&76V6w&V67FVW"6WGB6w&V66Ч&66w&V6BFRvƖ&VB6w&V6d4BDPu$TT$$D4t$DT