travel mag January 2014 - Page 6

The Night Face up is a short story embedded with complexities; written by Julio cortazar. This story is a mysterious adventure about a protagonist. This story takes place in both present reality of the protagonist and the unconscious thoughts. The trip starts off when the protagonist gets in a motorcycle crash and is taken to the hospital to treat his wounds. While he is at the hospital he is kept with the other patients. The author Julio cartazar use imagery and internal conflict to create a scene for the reader.

In The Night Face up the author use imagery to help the reader picture whets going on in the story. He said “rolling along under the trees filled with bird he shuts his eyes and wishes he was sleep”. That quote helps the reader picture where he is and live in the moment with the author. He also said “ the motorcycle not messed up; yeah because it landed on me”. When he said that the reader was picturing the accident and the motorcycle onto of the author.

Julio cartazar also uses internal conflict to show that the main character is battling problems in his dreams and in reality. The main character has a dream that he is in a tribe called motecas that is haunted down and slaughtered by a Aztec tribe. The main character’s dream can reflect to struggles that he is having in real life, since he is dyeing while is being haunted in his nightmare. While he is dreaming he is slowly dying in reality, in his dream he is on rough terrain fleeing for his life tripping and smashing into things. The internal conflict in this story is a important part of the story because it leaves a message.

The author Julio cartazar uses imagery and internal conflict to create a scene for the reader. In the first body paragraph I talked about imagery and provide examples. If the author didn’t use imagery I wouldn’t have been interested in the story, he kept me on my toes while I reading. He also uses internal conflict to show the battles between the author and his mind. And I could also add external conflict to show the battles he had in reality since he was dyeing while having a nightmare. A message I got from this is that you cannot run away from your problems.