Travel and Leisure Flyer (Unpriced) Sept2018_Leisure-1_UNPRICED

Offers valid from 4th September until 3rd October 2018 SEPTEMBER ISSUE ✔ No minimum order quantity! ✔ All orders are carriage free* BEST DEALS THIS MONTH EASY UP LARGE STORAGE UNIT EASY UP KITCHEN STAND • Load Capacity: 30kg • Load Capacity: 30kg PART NO SIZE WEIGHT PART NO SIZE WEIGHT 355434 H 90cm x L 110cm x W 52cm 11kg 355440 H 111cm x L 87cm x W 50cm 9.25kg JERRY CAN PART NO 1410 SIZE WASTE WATER CARRIER CAP TYPE H 26.7cm x L 23.2cm Screw x W 10.2cm A LA CARTE DINING SET VOLUME 5 litre PART NO 7694 SIZE VOLUME PART NO PACK QTY H 41cm x L 20cm x W 33cm 23 litre 029504 16 Piece Set HITCHLOCK - ALKO BLACK STREAK REMOVER PART NO PART NO 5412C 0038C ORDER NOW: WWW.FDRIVE.CO.UK AQUA KEM TOILET FLUID AND RINSE DUO PACK SIZE PART NO SIZE 1 litre 30370BR 1.5 litre x 2 TEL: 01789 417 555 KRYSTALS REFILL PACK FOR STREAMLINE MOISTURE TRAP PART NO ABSORPTION CAPACITY WEIGHT KR0307 5 litre 2.5kg