Travel and Leisure Flyer (Unpriced) CCA M&A Issue 45-1_Unpriced

Offers valid from 5th June until 2nd July 2018 JUNE ISSUE ✔ No minimum order quantity! ✔ All orders are carriage free* BEST DEALS THIS MONTH OXHILL 390 AWNING OXHILL 260 AWNING PART NO SIZE COLOUR WEIGHT H 245cm x L 260cm 302627 x W 235cm Blue/ Silver 12.8kg KITCHEN STAND WITH BUILT IN SINK PART NO SIZE BLOCKLEY DRIVEAWAY AWNING COLOUR WEIGHT H 245cm x L 390cm 302628 x W 235cm Blue/ Silver 15.8kg EASY UP CAMP BED PART NO SIZE 302629 H 250cm x L 350cm x W 310cm COLOUR WEIGHT Blue/ Silver 14.2kg PURICLEAN WATER TABLETS • Load Capacity: 120kg • Weight: 8.03kg PART NO 355439 SIZE WEIGHT H 103cm x L 123cm x W 47cm 10.02kg 10W SOLAR POWER KIT PART NO SIZE STP010 H 397mm x L 280mm x W 25mm PART NO SIZE COLOUR 355408 H 43cm x L 190cm x W 64cm Blue/Grey PART NO PACK QTY WEIGHT 040569 6 400g BAYONET BUTANE GAS CARTRIDGE CARAVAN CLEANER REMORA 40 PORTABLE SATELLITE KIT PART NO SIZE PACK QTY PART NO SIZE PART NO G2220 220g 28 1 litre MXL026 ORDER NOW: WWW.FDRIVE.CO.UK 0106 TEL: 01789 417 555