TRANSITION e-Mag #3 - Page 8

_7 development and maturity of the project. We offer 3 hours per week in training course, and 1 hour per week in individual counselling. Can you give a specific practical example of how you have used these tools to support an incubatee? During the training we cover several areas. The first one is the ‘me’ area, which includes understanding of self, either for the entrepreneur themselves or the group. We cover elements like awareness, self-development, understanding how the mind works, what their skills are and what they need to develop. We then move on to go further and deeper focusing on the idea and the project. Most of the incubatees have an idea, but it is not very developed. Here we need to go deeper on the planning of the project and the piloting. During the training we introduce instruments that allow them to develop their project further, depending on the area in which they work. For this we divide the incubatees into two groups depending on their maturity. For the projects that are at the early stage we focus more on the idea instruments, while for the more developed projects we focus more in piloting phases. Associacao Sonha, Faz e Acontece is an association with the English name, Dream, Do it and It Happens. They are working with foreign students from former Portuguese colonies. Many of these students are not receiving proper support for their education in Portugal, which leads to high drop out rates. Their motivation to move to Portugal is often to get education that will enable them to go back and invest in their region, however, if they drop out this will not be the case. Associacao Sonha, Faz e Acontece is giving counselling support to the students and help integrate them in the society so that they can contribute in a way that when they go back they also know how to improve their own communities. The foundation has already been in existence for several years, but it had not been focusing much on the structure of what they do or the measurement of their impact. We worked