TRANSITION e-Mag #3 - Page 4

_3 transition The Social Innovation Journey: WHAT TRANSNATIONAL NETWORK FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION INCUBATION Kine Nordstokka, Social Innovation Exchange THE SOCIAL INNOVATION JOURNEY HOW feasibility Pre-testing the idea PRE-PROTOTYPE 4 PRECONDITIONS PROTOTYPE Producing a prototype 5 WHY PEOPLE Engaging and raising awareness 1 TEAM Assessing skill&will, team and/or organization 6 SOCIAL IMPACT 7 OFFERING Developing the solution and the social impact 2 PROMPT Generating and Developing Ideas WHAT SOCIAL 8 VENTURE Defining the business model/plan and strategy INFORMAL 3 VENTURE Defining roles, rules, timing and social business model canvas The Social Innovation Journey was developed by the Transition partners to describe the evolving sequence of actions, activities and tools which the Scaling Centres have experimented with in order to provide support and scale to 300 social innovations across Europe. The aim is to help incubators and practitioners in developing their own “journeys” of scaling social innovation, by adapting the action format defined by Transition partners over the last two years. The Social Innovation Journey is an action format for social innovation incubation, focusing on the sequence of steps social innovators may go through, acquiring the skills and capabilities they need to grow and increase