TRANSITION e-Mag #3 - Page 21

TRANSITION aims to scale up 300 Social Innovations across Europe and developing a European Network of SI Incubators (ESIIN). London, Paris Region, the Basque Country, Milan, Lisbon, Ireland West: TRANSITION partners accompany lead innovators through the Social Innovation Journey (SIJ), an action format for social innovation incubation focusing on the sequence of steps social innovators may go through acquiring the skills and capabilities they require to grow. We believe that by harnessing the power of a larger network we can ensure that successful local projects supported by a scaling center can help address/ bridge common social problems at a wider geographical level. Looking at the scaling up activities, ESIIN will act as a “social innovation incubation lab” where to generate and share new evidence about the role and the impact of incubation in scaling up social innovation. _16 transition _14 TRANSNATIONAL NETWORK FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION INCUBATION BE PART OF THE FIRST European Network for Social Innovation Incubators Transition E-Mag - #3 Main Contributors: Chiara Davalli - EBN Kine Nordstokka - SIX