TRANSITION e-Mag #3 - Page 15

_14 gaining new perspectives on the future for their teams and companies. The aim is that they think outside the box getting a new strategic vision of their priorities. Brief description of M’angel Manovell: M’Angel Manovell founded Dinamik Ideas in 2008, as a Creative Social Innovation Consultancy where her multidisciplinary education (BA in Film & Video, MA Leisure Management, MA Logistics and Creative Leadership) is used to empower people and companies to bring out their unique talents to become more profitable and well being. She has been actively involved in three groups of experimental research regarding the commons (2009), peace memory (2014) and local political social transformation (2015) where she co-created a transformative and better future developing prototypes in the intersection of education, culture, spirituality, and human relationships. As a coach, mentor and facilitator, she tries to bridge the societal and organizational gaps applying diverse methodologies and tools that involves design thinking, U theory and Creati- vity. For more details have a look at dinamikideas and