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ADBWC discuss benefiting from the best British practices in habilitating Women Entrepreneurs

Her Excellency Maryam Mohammed Al-Rumaithi, Chairwoman of the Emirates Businesswomen Council and Chairwoman of the Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council (ADBWC), emphasized the importance of expanding cooperation relations between the ADBWC with the establishments related to women entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises in the United Kingdom, and benefiting from the best British practices in training and habilitating business entrepreneurs in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

This came during the an extended meeting with a UK businesswomen mission at the Chamber’s Tower on Tuesday.

The ADBWC contributes to the development of Emirati working women, increasing their role in the economic and development process, Emiratizing all commercial sectors and enhancing the role of businesswomen in the private sector of Abu Dhabi.

The Council also works on providing appropriate opportunities for women to be well trained and qualified, as well as to expand the scope of their involvement in professional and commercial businesses.

The council is also considered as a podium for dialogue and networking between businesswomen in Abu Dhabi in order to enhance their inter-relations and provide new job opportunities in all sectors, especially in the economic one.

Al-Rumaithi noted that women in the UAE achieved huge accomplishments in the private sector on all levels, pointing out that the number of businesswomen reached 12,000 businesswomen in 2014 who run more than 11,000 commercial projects with an investment value of AED 18.3 billion ($5 billion).

She added that women in the UAE represent 43% of the total workforce and 66% of which work in the public sector and 30% are in senior leadership and decision-making roles and 15% in professional jobs. “Furthermore, women occupy four seats in the cabinet and seven seats in the federal National Council out of 40 seats,” she said.

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