Training Magazine Middle East March 2015 - Page 35


Experience has also shown that the support of coaching and mentoring adapted to the workplace will increase learning acceleration and provide opportunity for timely feedback, not only to the learner but the formal programme tutors. Continual encouragement will provide a sense of confidence on the learner’s part which will increase motivation and commitment.

Validate training: Assessing the learning experience through quantitative and qualitative feedback from all participants will determine if the programme met the learning outcomes and consider any changes for improvement. Generally, validation will focus on teaching content, methods of delivery and time/resource allocation.

Evaluate operations: A medium term scope will need to be conducted to establish if the implementation of the training programme has proved beneficial to organizational performance. This particular stage will require timely consideration of when it should be conducted and clear objectives established to form a tangible measure. Are operations more effective and efficient? Are the workforce better engaged? Has this been achieved through improved leadership and management within the organization?

Future improvement: Based on the results of an operational evaluation, a need to establish new objectives to maintain and improve effectiveness should be developed for long term organizational sustainment.Training is a continuous investment throughout an employee’s career, regardless of appointment and status. Refreshing new concepts to meet a changing world market is vital to organizational competence and employee confidence.

Being able to close the loop through a whole life approach of organizational development by continually validating all aspects is essential to a coherent training programme. Ensuring training does not become outdated and stagnant but continually meets operational demand will maintain awareness of future organizational growth and produce the best form of leadership and management.

Gerwyn Harkett is an internationally experienced Training Consultant. He has worked within the UK Armed Forces, UK Ministry of Defence, Emirati Government Authority and UAE Vocational Education Institute.