Training Magazine Middle East March 2015 - Page 31


High performers don’t strive for mediocrity. They have an in-built self-motivation in their system that separates their thinking process from the rest of the bunch. If you still feel that your team needs motivation then ask yourself if you have the right people in your team?

Talented professionals today are more loyal to the profession than to a firm. Gone are the days when most of the people used to work for one firm life all their career. Now, the talent required challenge, and meaningful work.

What you need to provide your talented team members, instead of ‘incentive’ is a ‘Value Addition’. The talented seek opportunities, and substance that separates them from the rest of bunch quickl. Give them something that will add value to their skill set.

Remember, if you have talented individuals on your team the last thing on your mind should be to see them leaving, especially to your competition.

Make sure you provide the correct value that enhances their skill set, moves them ahead of line. This in turn will provide you with an even stronger force to reckon with.

Make sure you are investing in your best talent and make sure you are measuring them regularly on the outcome.

2. Communicate effectively

Talent that is underutilized and underestimated will add nothing but excess baggage for you. You should be smart enough to realize when a talent is lagging behind. It’s extremely obvious from their choice of words, body language, facial expressions and emotions that they are not getting ahead.

Remember, an underutilized exceptional talent is far more likely to explode quicker with greater damage to you and your team than a mediocre employee.

To solve it, communicate with them effectively and regularly. Inquire about what seems to be the problem. Despite having all the tools, many of our talented individuals lack the vision when they are underutilized to make the most of it.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

3. Less is effective

Look around your team. Do you have a horde? Or a smart group of people? Make sure you have hired the best fit for a position in your firm. If you did, then you have to make sure of one more thing: never to get in their way. Make sure you aren’t micro-managing. If you have been doing so, stop it right away.

This is extremely important for talent to rise up if they feel they have the ‘authority’ and ‘power’ in their hands to make the decisions. Let them do it. You hired them to do a job; you made sure that you have the best people to do their job. Now let them do it.

If your people need too much supervision, get rid of them and replace them with talent. Because when your team performs, it’s a reflection of you in front of others. If your team is talented, it’s a feather in your cap that you are working with an amazing team, and astounding talent. Don’t suffocate them and don’t be an obstacle to their goal achievement.

Fahad Khan works as a “Sales Leader” for Building and Infrastructure Technologies at SIEMENS.

He carries with him extensive Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment and Training expertise, which spans more than a decade, covering America and the Middle East.

In addition to his ‘Clark Kent’ job, he supports start-ups with winning strategies and ideas to make a niche in the market.

He is currently living with his wife and son in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and enjoys chess, console games and reading as past times.