Training Catalog 2019 Training Catalog Jan 2019 - Page 77

Workplace Diversity Improving diversity knowledge is a required component of every company. With more and more businesses having global presence workplace diversity is a forgone conclusion. Your participants will be able to use strategies to be proactive and remove barriers. They will be shown how to build and encourage diversity in their workplace and community. Our Workshop Diversity course will help participants understand what diversity is, and how they can create a more diverse environment. They will be instructed on how to use active listening and employ effective questioning techniques. By learning the right complaint resolution skills and choosing the right course of action communication throughout your business will be strengthened. Course Outline: • • • • • • • Understanding Diversity Understanding Stereotypes Breaking Down the Barriers Verbal Communication Skills Non-Verbal Communication Skills Being Proactive Coping with Discrimination • • • Dealing with Diversity Complaints as a Person Dealing with Diversity Complaints as a Manager Dealing with Diversity Complaints as an Organization Workplace Harassment Harassment can be based on a variety of factors such as race, sex, and disability. Experiencing an uncomfortable situation in the workplace may be more than an unpleasant event; it may be against the law. This alone is what makes this topic very important for every organization. Our Workplace Harassment workshop will give participants the tools to recognize harassment when it occurs. It will help them understand their rights and responsibilities, and create a safe environment for all. Through this workshop your participants will recognize that it is necessary for everyone to identify harassment and exercise anti-harassment policies. Course Outline: • • • • • The Background Developing an Anti-Harassment Policy Policies in the Workplace Proper Procedures in the Workplace False Allegations • • • • • Other Options Sexual Harassment Mediation Conflict Resolution The Aftermath